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How to Play High Notes on the Flute 🎼
The Flute Channel

How to Play High Notes on the Flute 🎼

Amelie talks about one of the most talked about problems for flutists: High notes! She will give you the easy way to play those high notes in only a few minutes. A sure-fire way to playing like a flute pro. THE FLUTE COURSE IS OUT! Find the course at Learn the Flute with The Flute Channel's Amelie Brodeur. If you're a beginner these courses will help you master Tone, Breathing, Posture, Sight-Reading, Rhythm and more. This 15 lesson course will start any new flutist on the right track, even if you're starting up from a long hiatus it can be a good refresher. Also check out our amazing Flute fingering Chart Poster it will help any budding flutist! Grab one now! FINGERING CHART POSTER: Looking for a new flute to buy READ THE DESCRIPTION further down! SPECIAL DEAL! If your looking for a new flute or piccolo consider using FCNY, use the code TFC at checkout to get special perks: 1. Free shipping 2. 10-day trial 3. 18-month warranty instead of the traditional 12 months (new flutes) 4. Try 3 instruments per trial This works worldwide so be sure to check out The Flute Channel Online: ✩ Twitter - ✩ Instagram - ✩ Blog/Website - ✩ Facebook - #highnoteflute #howtoplayhigh #fluteproblems
5 Tips for Better Saxophone Sound
McGill Music Sax School

5 Tips for Better Saxophone Sound

If you're just starting out on saxophone and your sound is a bit rubbish, then this video will help you improve, fast! Get my 5 tips for developing a killer sound on your saxophone in this lesson. ✪ GET MY FREE SAXOPHONE TOOL KIT HERE: Other resources for you: ✪✪ TRY SAX SCHOOL WITH 14 DAY TRIAL: ✪ EXPLORE MY COURSES HERE: ✪ CELEBRITY SAX INTERVIEWS, LESSONS AND MORE ON THE SAX SCHOOL BLOG: ✪ MOUTHPIECE AND GEAR REVIEWS: ✪✪ SAVE 5% on CloudVocal microphone Here: Enter Coupon: MCGILLSAXSCHOOL2020 ✪✪ GET 10% OFF YOUR NEXT THEO WANNE MOUTHPIECE: Enter Coupon: SaxSchool10 ✪ SAX SCHOOL ON FACEBOOK: ✪ CONNECT WITH SAXSCHOOL ON INSTAGRAM: IN THIS VIDEO: After teaching more than 10,000 students through Sax School, I've seen the same 5 mistakes made time and again by new players. Do you make these saxophone sound mistakes too? Understanding how to avoid this common mistakes will help you to build a much fuller and more confident tone on your saxophone. For more help with your saxophone skills, be sure to download the free Saxophone Tool Kit lesson bundle (link above). 0:00 About this video 1:20 Reeds! 3:26 Mouthpiece! 4:45 Breathing! 6:01 Question 6:14 Mouthpiece Selection! 8:24 Embouchure 10:19 Wrapping up Disclaimer: Some links are "affiliate links" which means I make a small commission on any sales. This helps to fund this channel and the lessons I make for you. Thanks!


The Lakeway Band Program is always looking for ways to help our students learn, grow and perform at their very best.  In the coming months, our booster program will be calling on our parents to help the directors grow the cause of the Lakeway Band.  We hope that you will be able to find a place helping our students!