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Private Lessons

One of the most common myths that parents fall for, in regards to private instruction, is that their child only "needs" private lessons if they are "not good enough" or are "falling behind in class." In the grand scheme of things, this couldn't be further from the truth. While working with a private teacher can indeed help a student keep up with peers in the group setting, every child learns at a different pace and in a different way. Because of the many individual challenges in performing any particular instrument, children will progress differently according to their unique physical and mental capabilities. Private lessons help to minimize frustration, set the student up for success, and set them on an individualized path of musical education that capitalizes on their strengths, strengthens their weaknesses, and consistently monitors progress in 

order to determine where adaptation is needed and how to implement it.  A young musician needs to learn HOW to practice. Private Lesson teachers often spend more time with a student on practice skills than anything else in a lesson; not only with beginners, but with advanced students as well. It is easier to stay motivated with the help of a private instructor and this benefits the more experienced students who have been performing for multiple years. A private instructor is well-educated in different styles of music literature written for their instrument and can help students discover enriching musical repertoire that will motivate them to excel beyond all expectation. One-on-one lessons are taught by our highly qualified teachers who have extensive performance and teaching experiences. Our lessons teachers undergo training through local and regional colleges and universities so they may obtain the tools necessary to provide their students with an exceptional foundation in music technique and understanding, thus improving the entire band experience for young musicians.