The Lakeway Band is in need of many items for our student and our classroom.  Below you will find a list of items that our students need to be the most successful they can be.  If you would like to sponsor an item on this list, you can click on the item or check with Mr. or Mrs. Butler on the best way to purchase an item.

Classroom/Student Needs:

  1. Metronome

  2. Tuner

  3. Warburton P.E.T.E. Embouchure Trainer 

  4. Yamaha Silent Brass Mute

  5. Evans RealFeel Practice Pad

  6. Vandoren Clarinet Reeds (Strength 3) - Box of 10

  7. Vandoren Bass Clarinet Reeds (Strength 3) - Box of 5

  8. Vandoren Alto Sax Reeds (Strength 3) - Box of 10

  9. Vandoren Tenor Sax Reed (Strength 3) - Box of 5

  10. Private Lessons