Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the top Performing Instrumental Ensemble of the Lakeway Band.  This ensemble pursues the highest professional standards, and is determined to bring its audiences exemplary repertoire from all musical periods, cultures, and styles.  A wind ensemble differs from the concert band in several respects. Whereas traditional concert bands presented in most high schools utilize excessive part doubling, the wind ensemble purposefully attempts to maintain a smaller size with one or two players per part in many sections. Fewer musicians allows for the clarity of sound unheard in a 

large band and the exposure of instruments, as each has a unique timbre.  Student who wish to be a part of the Lakeway Wind Ensemble must meet all required audition material and abilities, be in good academic standing with the school, and be in Private Lessons.


At Lakeway Christian Academy, we foster environments where students use their talents as a form of praise and worship. Through music we hope that others recognize our love of Christ.


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